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Volume Discounts - Save when you buy packaging in bulk

As a wholesale packaging company, we pass on discounts to our customers. Don’t skimp on quality or pick an inferior design, get the packaging you need at a price you want simply by consolidating orders to get price breaks.

Want an example? Say you need 800 B75 flap seal bags, so you play it safe and order exactly 8 packs. Well, consider ordering a little more to get a price break. Let’s look at how this breaks down:

800 bags @$0.07 = $56.00
1,000 bags @$0.038 = $38.00

$18.00 saved without coupons + more bags = Buyer Savviness!

The takeaway:Taking a moment to plan out your order quantities could mean big savings.

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Forget the coupon, you'll find that over 95% of our inventory has volume discounts available! Shop without the stress of finding promo codes to get a deal.

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