Top 10 Uses for Backing Board


Backing board is a supportive structure that is usually placed at the back of picture frames or inside packaging to help protect and preserve the shape of items that might bend or tear, such as posters and photos. There are plenty of different ways in which you can use backing board, and here are 10 of the best uses.



Backing Board for Photographs – One of the most common uses for backing board is to place it behind photographs. Picture backing board is useful for holding the photograph in place and keeping it straight, and can also be used when sending or posting photos, too.


Backing Board for Posters – Another great use of backing board is to protect posters and give them a flat, secure surface on which they can be mounted or packaged. Posters have a tendency to crease or bend when displayed or packaged alone, but a piece of poster backing board from ClearBags can help to prevent this.


Backing Board for Artwork – Backing boards is not only used for prints but can also be positioned behind pieces of art, such as watercolor paintings. This can help to provide some structure for the art when mounting it on a wall or in a frame, or provide some protection if you plan to ship the artwork somewhere else.


Backing Board for Craft Projects – People who like to make arts and crafts projects can use backing board in a myriad of different ways. It can be positioned behind your craft projects, just like with art and photos, to provide structure and stability.


Backing Board for Greeting Cards – If you're planning to send greetings cards to someone in the mail, there's always a possibility of the cards bending or creasing during the delivery process. A piece of backing board can help to prevent this from happening.


Backing Board for Trading Cards – For trading cards, too, backing board can be highly beneficial. It can be used in albums, display cases, and books to protect individual cards and reduce the risk of any tears, creases, folds, or bends that could damage the card and affect its value.


Backing Board for Prints – Backing board is also commonly used for prints. Just like with photos and artwork, the backing board can be placed behind or in front of the prints to protect them while posting, or it can be placed under a print to give it some strength and solidity when mounting or displaying.


Backing Board for Documents – Documents can easily bend or fold or tear while being posted or handled, but with a bit of backing board on either side, it's much easier and safer to send papers such as legal documents or medical documents without any worries or concerns.


Backing Board for Books – Backing board may also be used with books, especially for businesses that tend to sell and ship books around the country or around the world. You can place some of the board behind and in front of books in envelopes to protect the covers from wear and tear.


Backing Board for General Packaging – You can also make use of backing board when packaging and posting all sorts of other items, from clothes and accessories to jewelry and DVDs. It serves as an added layer of protection inside envelopes and parcels.

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