Top 10 Uses for Tin Tie Bags


Tin tie bags are a great option when you need reliable, affordable, short-term packaging. They're available in various sizes and stand out due to their flat bases, allowing them to stand upright, and their expandable side gussets, which allow them to offer impressive levels of interior capacity. Ideal for bulky items and well-suited for food, too, our tin tie gusset bags have a poly vapor lining to keep food fresh and delicious. Here are 10 ways to use tin tie bags.



Brownies – One of the main uses of tin tie bags is for baked goods, so you'll see plenty of sweet and tasty baked treats on this list, beginning with brownies. Our tin tie bags are ideal for storing all sorts of fresh-from-the-oven brownies, keeping them tasty and intact during transportation.


Cookies – Cookies, too, can be slipped easily and conveniently into tin tie bags with window. Then, all you need to do is roll down the tin tie top and fold the tabs in place to seal the cookies inside. You can view them through the window provided and you can count on the bag to keep them fresh for the rest of the day.


Donuts – Everyone loves donuts, but they can dry out quickly if left exposed to the air and the elements. Tin tie plastic or paper bags are great for preserving the freshness and flavor of your donuts as they move from place to place.


Scones – Just like cupcakes and donuts, scones sit nicely inside tin tie bags and can be stored and transported easily and safely within these bags. The bags will help to keep the scones fresh and tasty, making them an ideal choice for businesses like bakeries, tea rooms, and coffee shops.


Eclairs – Eclairs are another example of baked treats that can be placed inside tin tie bags and sealed shut to preserve flavor and freshness. Tin tie packaging will help to protect the eclairs against any damages and make it much easier for people to carry them around from place to place.


Candy – You can also use tin tie bags for storing candy. From candy canes at Christmas to Halloween treats like gummy bears and worms, these bags are an ideal choice for storing all of your favorite items from the candy store.


Chocolates – Chocolates and truffles, too, can be placed inside tin tie bags with windows. The viewing window allows people to glance inside and see the sweet treats in the bag, while the bag's structure and food-safe materials allow it to keep chocolates safe and tasty for longer.


Nuts – The likes of nuts and seeds can also be poured into tin tie bags. The expandable side gussets of these small tin tie bags allow plenty of nuts to be poured in, and they work well with all sorts of nuts, from pecans to peanuts.


Cereals – Businesses and individuals alike can also make use of tin tie bags for storing and transporting cereals. Kids' cereals, muesli, granola, corn flakes, and more can be poured into these bags and carried around with ease.


Coffee — Artisans and consumers alike will appreciate the simplicity of a tin tie bag for their coffee. Easy to use and guaranteed to preserve the freshness of coffee grounds, coffee beans and small batch coffee for everyone.

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