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Top 10 Uses for Poly Flat Bags


If you're looking for packaging that is both durable but clear, poly flat bags are exactly what you need. Poly flat bags from ClearBags have a high tensile strength for durability, making these bags great for transportationa and shipping products. These bags also come in a stsandard clear and Crystal Clear options. Not sure what to put in your poly bags? Here are 10 of the best uses for poly flat bags.



Sweet Treats – Confectioners and other purveyors of sweet treats can get a lot of use out of poly flat bags. Made from food-grade polyethylene, these PE bags are ideal for safely storing and transporting candies, chocolates, and other sweet goodies.


Baked Goods – Baked goods can also be kept in poly flat bags, so they're commonly found in bakeries, cake shops, coffee shops, and similar places. The polyethylene works well to protect the breads and cookies inside, preserving their flavor and quality long after baking.


Crafts – If you're interested in crafts or running a craft-related business, you can get a lot of use out of polyethylene flat bags. They're ideal for organizing and storing lots of little items that are used in crafty projects, from felt swatches to buttons and beads.


DIY – DIY enthusiasts can also make use of flat poly bags in many ways. They're particularly helpful for when you want to store, transport, and organize little items that are easy to lose or misplace, like small pieces of wood, screws, nails, and so on.


Cosmetics – Cosmetic, makeup, and beauty businesses also make use of poly flat bags on a daily basis. These versatile, affordable bags are just right for storing a wide range of cosmetic products, like lip gloss, mascara, soap, and so on.


Jewelry – If you want a smart and simple way to store jewelry and keep little valuable items safe and secure, opt for poly flat bags. They're all you need for storing and transporting things like rings and gems.


Photos – You can also keep photos and prints inside poly flat bags. The material won't damage the prints in any way, and even freshly-made photos can be slipped inside poly bags for safe, easy transportation.


Clothing and Accessories – Thanks to the durability and flexibility of polyethylene, PE flat bags can also be used for storing and transporting small clothing items. You just need to be able to fold the items up and fit them inside. Try it with socks, underwear, ties, belts, and more.


Tea and Coffee – If you want a safe and secure method of storing, displaying, and sending tea leaves and coffee beans, poly flat bags are a good choice. ClearBags' flat poly bags are food safe, ready to protect and preserve all of your tasty coffee and tea selections.


Snacks – As well as sweet treats and baked goods, you can also store a wide range of other food products and snacks inside poly flat bags. They work really well for storing things like nuts, seeds, popcorn, and so on.

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