Top 10 Uses for OPP Bags With Hanging Headers


OPP bags with hanging headers are made from high-quality and highly stretchable polypropylene, and you'll find the best OPP bags for sale online here at ClearBags. Our OPP bags with hanging headers are crafted from only the finest materials, reinforced for strength and durability, and crystal clear to let you see inside without any issues. If you're wondering what to do with them, here are 10 of the best uses.



Photos –OPP bags from ClearBags are great for storing and displaying photographs. They can offer the protection and resistance you need to keep photos safe, without any unwanted damages or fading.


Prints – As well as photos, you can also use our OPP bags with hanging headers for storing and sending prints. Prints of various sizes and shapes can be housed in polypropylene bags with ease and safely transported from place to place or shipped out to customers.


Cards – OPP bags are also excellent for storing and protecting cards, especially gift cards like Happy Birthday cards and Happy Anniversary cards. Cards can be slipped inside these protective clear OPP bags and then hung up on hooks or packaged into parcels for delivery.


Crafts – Those with an interest or passion for arts and crafts can get lots of use out of OPP bags. They're ideal for storing the many little items and elements that you use in your crafting projects, such as beads, buttons, gems, pieces of fabric, and so on.


Coins – Coin collectors and coin businesses also make use of polypropylene bags on a regular basis. These bags are strong enough to hold an impressive quantity of coins without breaking or tearing, keeping each coin shiny and new.


Stationery – You can also store all sorts of stationery inside OPP bags with hanging headers, including things like envelopes and pieces of paper, as well as essential school and office supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, and more.


Jewelry and Accessories – If you need a safe and reliable packaging product for storing and transporting jewelry and accessories, choose OPP bags with hanging headers from ClearBags. These bags work wonderfully well for safeguarding little precious items like rings and earrings.


Cosmetics – The cosmetics industry makes frequent use of OPP bags for storing a wide range of products. You can place things like soaps and bottles of shampoo or conditioner in these bags, and they also work well for things like makeup products, such as lipsticks and foundations.


Hardware Supplies – Some polypropylene bags may also be used in the hardware industry. These bags are great for displaying small packs of screws, nuts and bolts for DIY projects and home maintenance.


Decorative Items – Another interesting use of OPP bags is for storing and displaying decorative items, such as Christmas tree decorations and festive baubles. They can therefore be used by any companies that specialize in festive holiday goods.

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