Top 10 Uses for Flap Seal Bags


If you're looking for a simple, affordable, and versatile form of packaging for a wide range of products, flap seal bags are the answer. ClearBags' own flap seal bags offer the right blend between price and performance, perfect for safely storing a huge range of items and easy to use, with an adhesive strip on each flap for simple sealing. If you're not sure what to put inside them, here are 10 uses of flap seal bags:



Art – Flap seal bags are a super choice for when you want to store or ship pieces of art. They're available in a wide range of sizes to suit differently-sized artworks, and they're made from tough, resistant plastic to keep individual artworks safe and protected from the elements.


Photos – Crystal Clear Flap Seal Bags from ClearBags are also a great choice for storing photographs. You can use them for individual photos or groups of photos, and you won't need to worry about any smudges, marks, or stains appearing on your images inside these clear bags with adhesive flaps.


Prints – Prints are also perfect for storing inside flap seal bags. All you have to do is find the right-sized bags to match your prints, slip them inside, and then seal them closed with the adhesive flap provided.


Cards – Flap seal poly bags are a great choice when you need to store, send, or protect cards, and this includes all kinds of cards, from birthday and greeting cards to postcards and even trading cards or collectible cards, too.


Stationery – Stationery items are also great to store inside flap seal bags. This includes items like envelopes, notepads, letter writing supplies, decorative pieces of card and paper, and much more.


Mail – Flap seal bags are often used as a convenient storage solution for protecting and transporting pieces of mail. You can place individual envelopes or packets inside these bags to protect them against the rain or place multiple letters in one bag for easy transportation. Flap seal bags are USPS approved for catalogs and other mail pieces.


Candy – Paper and card aren't the only things you can store inside flap seal bags. You can also use them for food items and sweet treats. Individually wrapped sweets can be placed inside flap seal bags with ease, and they're great for things like lollipops and candy canes.


Gifts – Clear bags with adhesive flaps from ClearBags are also ideal for storing a wide range of different gift items that you might like to share with friends and family. This can include all sorts of products, from photos to fridge magnets.


Craft Items – Those with an interest in arts and crafts can also get a lot of use out of flap seal bags; they're an ideal storage and packaging solution for all of those little craft items you like to use on a regular basis, such as buttons, beads, pieces of felt, and so on.


Hobby Accessories – You can also make use of flap seal bags with adhesive strips to store all sorts of items connected to your favorite hobbies. From DIY supplies to card-making essentials, the sky's the limit with these simple, versatile bags.

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