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Top 10 Uses for Decorative Storage Boxes


If you're looking for packaging that is both fashionable and functional, decorative boxes are exactly what you need. Decorative storage boxes from ClearBags are able to safely store all kinds of items, while also being beautiful and enjoyable to look at, with elegant designs and attractive shapes. Not sure what to put in your decorative boxes? Here are 10 of the best uses for decorative storage boxes.



Cupcakes – One of the best ways to use decorative storage boxes is for storing and transporting individual cupcakes. Cupcakes can be quite delicate, with beautiful frosting patterns and decorative elements that can be ruined in other forms of packaging. An decorate food storage container will protect your cupcakes and enhance their beauty.


Baubles – Christmas ornaments and baubles can also sit nicely inside decorative storage boxes. These items tend to be quite fragile, often made of glass or other easily breakable materials, but they'll be perfectly safe and enjoyable to admire inside a decorative box.


Decorations – Decorative boxes are the perfect fit for all sorts of decorations and decorative items. So, if you run a store or business making or selling holiday decorations or decorative homeware, it's a good idea to have a stock of storage boxes for your products.


Gifts – A wide range of gifts can also be placed inside decorative boxes, ready to be handed out to friends, family, and other loved ones. These decorative boxes for gifts are a great way to make your gifts look as beautiful and appealing as possible.


Candy Apples – Candy apples can also sit really nicely inside decorative boxes. The side viewing windows allow people to see the tasty, shiny apple on the inside, while the plastic decorative box itself helps to protect the apple and preserve its flavor.


Sweet Treats – Along with candy apples, all kinds of other sweet treats can be placed inside decorative or ornate boxes. Items like candy, fudge, chocolate truffles, cookies, and macarons can all work really well when placed in these sorts of boxes.


Baked Goods – Freshly baked goods, straight from the oven, can also sit nicely inside ornate boxes. Food items like cakes, muffins, scones, eclairs, and so on can all work well here, and the beautiful decorative boxes can make the treats inside look even more delicious.


Arts and Crafts – Those who are interested in arts and crafts or run art and craft businesses can make great use of decorative boxes. You can use these boxes to store and display your finished projects or use them to store art and craft supplies.


Jewelry – The best jewelry items need beautiful boxes to contain them, and you can rely on ClearBags' very own small decorative boxes to protect and display your favorite jewelry items, from engagement rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets.


Cosmetics – You can also make use of small decorative boxes to store, sell, and display a range of cosmetic items. These boxes add extra elegance and value to even the simplest of cosmetics, like lipstick or mascara.

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