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Top 10 Uses for Crystal Clear Boxes


If you're looking for a storage solution that can protect your items while also allowing them to be seen and displayed in a beautiful way, Crystal Clear Boxes are the perfect option. Available in a huge range of styles, shapes, and sizes, our Crystal Clear Boxes are ready to store all sorts of items. Here are 10 top ways to use them.



Greeting Cards – Whether you're running a greeting card store or just want to find a nice way to store or send greeting cards to your loved ones, ClearBags' very own Crystal Clear Boxes for greeting cards are all you need. They're just right for storing birthday cards and more.


Photos – Photos can easily fade, stain, or get damaged if left out in the open air, without proper protection. Crystal Clear Boxes for photos give you a safe and reliable place to store your photos of all sizes without worrying about any wear or tear.


Candy – Plastic Crystal Clear Boxes are great for storing food items, too, including sweet treats and candies. You can buy these boxes in a range of sizes and then pour candies inside to fill them up with colorful sugary goodness.


Cosmetics – Businesses and shops that produce or sell cosmetic products such as lipsticks, makeup, lotions, and creams can also get a lot of use out of Crystal Clear storage packaging. You can place a wide range of cosmetic items inside these boxes for safe-keeping and display purposes in-store.


Gifts - Crystal Clear Boxes are also a super option when you want to store gifts of all shapes and sizes. From delicate, precious items like jewelry and Christmas baubles to all sorts of other gifts and goods, these plastic Crystal Clear Boxes can offer the beauty and protection you need.


Hobby Items – You can also make use of Crystal Clear Boxes to store a wide range of hobby-related items and accessories. This can include things like fishing baits and lures for fishing enthusiasts and stationery items for people who are interested in scrapbooking and letter writing.  


Baked Goods – A wide range of tasty baked goods can also be placed inside Crystal Clear Boxes for safe-keeping, once they've had a little time to cool down from the oven. You can use these boxes for everything from cupcakes to macarons and cookies.


Arts and Crafts – If you're interested in arts and crafts or run a craft-related business, you may be looking for a safe storage solution for all those little elements and decorative items, like buttons, beads, gems, and jewels. Crystal Clear Boxes are just right for this job.


DIY SuppliesThose who are interested in DIY, too, will need a safe storage solution for all of those little essentials, like nuts, bolts, screws, and small tools. Once again, Crystal Clear storage packaging can get the job done.


Nuts and Seeds – You can also make use of Crystal Clear Boxes to store things like nuts and seeds. They're great for displaying different kinds of nuts and grains in a store, and they'll keep these kinds of food items fresh and tasty.

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