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Top 10 Uses for Childproof Pouches


Many types of bags and boxes can be opened by children with ease, but sometimes, you need to store and package things that little ones shouldn't be able to access. That's where our childproof pouches and bags come into play. Available in both locking and zipper designs, ClearBags' childproof bags are designed to be simple for adults to open but much harder for children, making them ideal for storing products that could be harmful to little ones. Here are 10 ways to use childproof pouches.



Vitamins – One of the best ways to use our childproof pouches is to store vitamins inside them. Many people take vitamins on a daily basis, but you don't want your kids to mistake them for candy or take too many.


Supplements – Supplement pills can also be stored inside childproof bags and pouches. This can include all sorts of supplements, from pills to help with vitamin and mineral deficiencies to brain-health supplements, too.


Medicines – If there's one thing you don't want your kids to get hold of, it's medicines. Young children can easily mistake pills and tablets for candy, so the best way to store such items is in childproof pouches.


Detergent Pods – The colorful designs and sweet smells of detergent pods can make them quite confusing for young children, and there have been many cases of kids accidentally ingesting these pods. Childproof packaging can help you store pods safely.


Powders – Childproof bags can also be used for storing all sorts of powders that you want to keep away from kids. This might include protein powders and supplement powders, for example, as well as detergent and cleaning powders


Arts and Crafts Supplies – Kids can also get confused when they see lots of cute and colorful items like beads and buttons, often used in arts and crafts projects. Childproof pouches allow you to store such items in a safe way.


DIY Items – If you do a lot of DIY around the house, you'll need to keep sharp or dangerous items like screws, nails, and bolts out of reach of any little ones in the area. Childproof bags can help with this.


Cosmetics – Cosmetics and makeup products can be dangerous in the hands of children, so it's always important to store such items in safe, sensible ways. Childproof pouches are a super storage solution for items like foundation, lotions, lipsticks, mascara, and more.


Edibles – CBD and THC edibles, like CBD gummies, should always be stored in childproof packaging to prevent kids from accidentally consuming these items and confusing them with regular candies.


Vape Supplies – Vaping items can also be stored inside childproof pouches to keep them away from curious children. This can be really important when it comes to things like vape liquids and cartridges, which can be colorful and sweet-smelling and could easily attract a child's attention.


As you can see, there are many different reasons as to why childproof packaging can be important, even in daily life. Browse the selection of childproof bags at ClearBags to see your options today.

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