Cako Bakery and Catering

Delicious treats and goodies that make people smile

Cako was founded in San Francisco in 2009 by a talented team of fine dining restaurant pastry chefs and a couple of creative crazy idea people. This group of fun-loving artists decided to come together to create a variety of delicious treats and goodies that made people smile. They started by baking stuff they loved late at night at their fine dining restaurant after the kitchen closed. Then, they brought the goodies to the store to sell the next day. The store became so popular, they had to dedicate an entire team to baking, creating and coming up with new ideas! That's how Cako was born!

Today Cako has locations across Northern California and continues to spread that mission. Even though Cako has grown, everything sold is still handmade fresh daily by a creative and talented team of bakers.

Cako uses our Crystal Clear Cupcake Bags and Macaron Boxes. When we spoke with Cako, they let us know that,

Many of our customers love the clear bags and find it adorable, clever, and easy to use. The bags make simple and easy gifts that they can give to friends, co-workers, and family. We've had customers who were on a ‘mission’ to find that delicious treat they discovered from seeing people carry our bags!”

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