Sustainable. Compostable. Recyclable. Environmentally Friendly. Have you heard any of this terminology lately? If you haven’t, you must have been hiding under a rock. We are asked about it all the time. The good news is that for the past couple decades we have been working to develop various different types of environmentally friendly packaging in both plastic and paper options. If packaging is what you need and sustainability is important to you, we can help you find a beautiful solution. Read below to learn more.


Recycling options and processes are continuing to improve and grow. ClearBags is giving more attention than ever to the type of plastic and paper materials we offer. There is a strong demand for improved plastic packaging that will provide good shelf life, product protection, and can be locally recycled. High barrier plastics that are effectively recycled have been unavailable until recently. More and more recycling options are becoming available through curb-side, community, and in-store recycling locations. ClearBags is proud to be a leader in providing strong barrier options in recyclable materials that are easy to dispose of appropriately and completely safe to the recycling process. 

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Compostable packaging is made using plant-based materials that are capable of breaking down in a commercial compost environment. These materials break down into natural elements, causing no harm to the environment. Most compostable products take about 90 days to break down in the proper setting. ClearBags has been successfully selling certified compostable plastic packaging made from PLA (polylactic acid) materials for over 10 years. We carry compostable packaging in the forms of flap seal bags, gusset bags, stand up pouches, glassine products, mailers, and more. ClearBags compostable packaging is ASTM D 6400 and DIN EN 13432 certified.

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Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

Post-consumer recycled materials refer to products that were once a previous item and have been recycled and turned into a reusable form.  Recycled content comes from Post Industrial or Post Consumer Waste. ClearBags is proud to offer products that are made from Post Consumer Waste, like our envelopes, cards, backing board, and boxes. The percentage of PCR in product packaging varies from 10-100%. The percentage of packaging using this recycling process is growing as more consumers are looking for recyclable packaging options.

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Home Compostable 

We know that commercial composting facilities are not yet readily available everywhere, so we have developed a line of Home Compostable packaging solutions as well. Our home compostable products are made from NatureFlex™ cellulose material and are certified home compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute. They are ASTM 6400 and EN 13432 certified and food safe. We carry cello gusset bags, flat poly bags, flat bottom gusset bags, and we continue to add more.

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ClearBags - Reducing Our Carbon Footprint 


Energy Use

  • LED lights used to reduce energy consumption 


  • Utilize rail to ship containers across the United States
  • Reduces amount of trucks driving in peak-hour traffic

Smart Packaging 

  • Use boxes that fit package best with minimum amount of dunnage space
  • No shipping cases used for In Store pick-ups

Facility Management 

  • Insulated and reflective warehouse roof to reduce amount of energy used to cool warehouse
  • Single shift to keep costs of heating/cooling down

Waste Management 

  • 80% of waste that leaves building is recycled 

Heat Mapping

  • Utilize heat mapping of warehouse to save on excess movement
  • Reduces gas emissions of equipment, like forklift

Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable

What does it all mean?

Over the past several years, we have been working with various materials, technologies, and experts to create more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Even through all of the shortages and setbacks, we have more than tripled our eco-friendly packaging offerings. We have Commercial Compostable, Home Compostable, Recyclable, Recycled, Biodegradable, and Water Soluble options. Here we seek to explain the differences in the options, so you can understand what type of packaging is best for you.

Commercially Compostable

Commercially Compostable products are shelf stable, but under the right composting conditions will break down entirely. Our Commercially Compostable products are made from a plant-based polylactic acid (PLA) material. They are certified compostable and approved for direct food contact. These products will break down into carbon dioxide and water when composted in an industrial composting facility.

Commercially Compostable Packaging options include:

Clear Eco Bags
Eco Stand Up Zipper Pouches
Compostable Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags
Eco Clear Gusset Bags
Eco Compostable Flat Heat Seal Bags

Our Stand Up Zipper Pouches feature an ALOX coating which provides high barrier protection for an extended shelf life. We also have Compostable Child Resistant Pouches arriving in early 2023.

Home Compostable

We have spent the past two years researching and developing our home compostable packaging options. We are very excited to introduce our new packaging solutions using Natureflex™ cellulose film, derived from wood pulp. This film is certified 100% home compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under ASTM 6400 and EN 13432. These products can be placed in a backyard compost pile and can fully decompose in 60 days with the right conditions.

Our Home Compostable Packaging options include:

Home Compostable Eco Flat Bags
Home Compostable Flat Bottom Gusset Bags
Home Compostable Eco Cello Gusset Bags
Home Compostable Flat Crinkle Bags


We carry a variety of products that are made from recycled content. This includes our Brown Bag  and Notables Envelopes that are made with 100% recycled content.

Shop our Recycled Options:

White Core Mats
Backing Board
Premium Cards
Premium Envelopes
Linen Envelopes
Brown Paper Bag Envelopes
Notables Earth Tone Envelopes
Paper Merchandise Handle Bags


We are well aware that commercial composting facilities aren’t as readily available across the United States like we wish they were. In some areas, recycling facilities are much more accessible. With that in mind, we carry Recyclable Stand Up Zipper Pouches and Recyclable Clear Boxes.

Recyclable Stand Up Zipper Pouches are made of polyethylene (PE) and with RETAIN™. They feature a high barrier EVOH coating. These bags are designed to ensure the recycling process is not compromised.

Our new rPET boxes are some of the most environmentally friendly packaging you can buy because not only can you recycle them, they are made from material that has already been recycled. They are made from 100% post consumer recycled content (PCR). The rPET logo has been embossed on each of these clear boxes, so the end user knows they came from recycled content.

Shop our Recyclable Options:

Recyclable Stand Up Pouches
rPET Boxes
PET boxes


Did you know that glassine material is biodegradable and curbside recyclable? We did, and that is why we love our glassine envelopes, sheets, and gusset bags. These products are made from a unique wax-like semi-transparent white paper material.

Gusset Bags

Glassine Envelopes come open-ended with no adhesive on the flap and are ideal for cards, stickers, seeds, jewelry, and more. Use Glassine Sheets to protect photos and artwork from fingerprints, scratches, and dust. Glassine gusset bags are perfect for baked goods and other special treats.

Water Soluble Bags

Our Water Soluble bags disappear in water! Yep….disappear…completely! These bags are specifically designed to degrade in hot water at +149 degrees Fahrenheit. They are made from PVA, which is a polyvinyl alcohol material. So even though they might look like traditional plastic bags, they aren’t. 

The unique nature of these bags allow them to dissolve in hot water without leaving any residue harmful to drains, pipes, or the water supply. What if they don’t end up in hot water? No problem. They are biodegradable, so they will naturally break down in almost any environment over time.