Compostable packaging is made using plant-based or fossil fuel materials. Almost all compostable plastic bags require commercial composting at this stage, but new research is being done around the clock to advance the possibility of more home composting and better industrial composting. 

As compostable packaging continues to grow in popularity, the efforts to find new types of plant based materials is increasing. Improvements to existing plant based options and other new bioplastic options are also on the rise. Compostable packaging has a bright future as advancements in bio-based materials and improvements to composting sites continue to be a high priority to world sustainability efforts.

Here at ClearBags, we offer a variety of packaging options that are compostable.


Eco Compostable Bags


Eco Flap Seal Bags

Eco Flap Seal BagsEco Flap Seal Bags

Eco Protective Bags

Eco Protective Closure BagsEco Protective Closure Bags

Eco No Flap Bags

Eco No Flap BagsEco No Flap Bags

Eco Flat Bottom Bags

Eco Flat Bottom BagsEco Flat Bottom Bags

Eco Cello Side Gussets

Eco Cello Side GussetsEco Cello Side Gussets

Glassine Paper Sheets

Glassine Paper SheetsGlassine Paper Sheets

Eco Flat Heat Seal Bags

Eco Flat Heat Seal BagsEco Flat Heat Seal Bags

Eco Stand Up Pouches 

Eco Stand Up PouchesEco Stand Up Pouches

Kraft Compostable Heat Seal

Kraft Compostable Heat Seal BagsKraft Compostable Heat Seal Bags

Eco Side Gusset Bags

Eco Side Gusset BagsEco Side Gusset Bags

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine EnvelopesGlassine Envelopes

Home Compostable

We carry a home compostable packaging option that is made from wood pulp. This material is made from NatureFlex™ cellulose film from Innovia.

This material is grown in managed plantations and is recyclable and a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. It is certified home compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under ASTM 6400 and EN 13432

Eco Compostable Cello Side Gusset Bags

Home Compostable BagsHome Compostable Bags

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