Customers insist on healthier, sustainable products including their packaging. ClearBags’ professional teams and supply chain partners maintain the creation and design of thousands of leading-edge products, capable of being recycled, composted, or biodegraded. We will be focusing more on home compostable options, and we were first to be recognized as a leader in compostable packaging solutions more than a decade ago. In a new development, we are favoring responsibly forested paper, plant-based, or recycled high-performance products. We support novel industry solutions like in-store recycling programs, updating regional curbside recycling, improving public education, and broadening personal responsibility in waste disposal. ClearBags has an array of eco-friendly options which provide healthier responses to the eco demands. These include the full product life cycle starting from sourcing raw materials to being conscious about energy, waste, by-products, transportation, and disposal.



As the world continues to value and rely upon packaging, recycling options and processes continue to grow and improve. There is increasing demand for packaging that provides good shelf life and product protection and can be locally recycled. New materials and processes have recently made high-barrier plastics recyclable. More and more recycling options are becoming available through curb-side pick-up, community, and in-store recycling locations. ClearBags is proud to be a leader in providing quality, recyclable packaging options in recyclable materials that are easy for the consumer to dispose of appropriately.


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Compostable packaging is made using plant-based materials that can break down in a compost environment. These materials break down into natural elements that are safe for the environment. In the proper setting, most compostable products take about 90 days to break down. ClearBags has been successfully providing certified compostable plastic packaging made from PLA (polylactic acid) and other materials since 2008. We offer compostable packaging in the forms of flap seal bags, gusset bags, stand up pouches, glassine products, mailers, and more. ClearBags compostable packaging is ASTM D 6400 and DIN EN 13432 certified.


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Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

Post-consumer recycled materials refer to products that were once a previous item and have been recycled and turned into a reusable form. Recycled content comes from Post Industrial or Post-Consumer Waste. ClearBags is proud to offer products that are made from Post- Consumer Waste. Our envelopes, cards, and backing boards all contain from 10-100% PCR materials. Products made from this recycling process are increasing as more consumers are advocating for environmentally friendly products.


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ClearBags - Reducing Our Carbon Footprint 


Energy Use

  • LED lights used to reduce energy consumption 


  • Utilize rail to ship containers across the United States
  • Reduces amount of trucks driving in peak-hour traffic

Smart Packaging 

  • Use boxes that fit package best with minimum amount of dunnage space
  • No shipping cases used for In Store pick-ups

Facility Management 

  • Insulated and reflective warehouse roof to reduce amount of energy used to cool warehouse
  • Single shift to keep costs of heating/cooling down

Waste Management 

  • 80% of waste that leaves building is recycled 

Heat Mapping

  • Utilize heat mapping of warehouse to save on excess movement
  • Reduces gas emissions of equipment, like forklift


ClearBags is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). SPC is the leading voice on sustainable packaging. By being a member of SPC, our products are being tested to make sure they comply with all of the rules and regulations required to be considered sustainable. 

Learn more about the Sustainable Packaging Coalition here.


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