Moab Colorado Gloss

Moab by Legion Paper

Colorado Fiber Gloss 245 by Moab Paper is a 100% alpha-cellulose paper reminiscent of a true air-dried F-type gloss paper. The smooth surface of Colorado is enhanced with a slight fiber texture and feel.

The Colorado papers feature a whopping 2.4 dmax and a glacier-like white surface yielding the ultimate in dynamic range and gamut. Reports of dmax 2.4 have been seen by users of RIPs. Colorado truly takes digital printing capabilities to a new level. If you yearn for the look and feel of a traditional darkroom paper and don't want to sacrifice brilliant colors and velvet blacks, then Colorado is the answer.


  • Base: Alpha-cellulose
  • Weight: 245gsm
  • Caliper: 10mil
  • Surface: Gloss
  • Color: Bright White (contains OBAs)
  • Other: Water-resistant

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