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Clear Stationery Sleeves | Clear Sleeves for Cards and Stationery

One of the keys to creating and selling professional stationery is to make sure that your stationery is well protected. Our clear stationery sleeves are a great way to achieve that goal.

Made in specific sizes to give your stationery a snug fit, our clear stationery bags provide countless benefits to your custom card manufacturing. These include:

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  • Protection from dust, dirt, handprints, and water.
  • Appearance of value to the consumer.
  • Clear, professional protection that won’t distract from your card.

We carry clear sleeves to fit nearly every purpose, including flap seal, laminated, hanging bags, premium bags, no flap sleeves, and even eco-friendly clear bags for those that want to remain environmentally conscious.

Our clear sleeves are a great choice for your stationery creations, and you’ll see a near immediate impact on their appeal to consumers.

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