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Value Crystal Clear Bags®

Value Crystal Bags

Value Crystal Bags for High Volume and Temporary Use

In our mission to provide an excellent packaging experience for our customers, we design new products to fit your needs. Our value crystal bags are designed for those who need packaging for a high volume of items, but also know that their packaging is only used for a minimum amount of time. No one wants to spend a fortune on bags that they know their customers will throw away almost immediately. Well, that's where our value bags can help. While still keeping up the ClearBags? standard of clarity, our bags are made with less material and are our cheapest bags offered. Even if only for a minute, our Crystal Clear Bags™ will add a level of quality and perceived value when you show that your goods are worth being protected. 

Economy options for packaging stationery, cards, photos, school pictures, and just about anything you want to give a little extra protection. If you're in the industry of giving out favors or gifts to loyal customers, these are perfect. Our value crystal bags are all acid free, resistant to tears, wrinkles, and fogging, and comes standard with an adhesive strip to secure the closing flap at the top of the bags. See our wholesale options and let us know if there are any questions that we have left unanswered.

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