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Premium Crystal Clear Bags™

Premium Clear Sleeves

When Quality Matters Most, Go With Premium Bags

If your work is visually stunning, you'll want to protect it. However, so many bags or sleeves out there are almost guaranteed to diminish the display of your art. You can avoid any troubles you might have encountered with other bags by using our premium Crystal Clear Bags™. Made with 2 mil thickness and archival safe materials, our bags will not only give you the confidence to display your work in front of others, but also to keep it safe during storage or shipping. Whether its fingerprints, liquid, or dust, our premium clear plastic sleeves are made to protect your contents. The 10% recycled material that the bag is made of is also resistant to ripping, tearing, wrinkles, or fog.

For extra peace-of-mind, we also outfit all of our premium clear bags with an adhesive strip on the outside to give your art a snug fit. By placing the adhesive strip on the bag (instead of the flap), we eliminate the all-too-common mistake of having your work get caught on a sticky strip, adding scuffs or unwanted marks. Premium bags are easy to use and easy to look at with their perfect clarity and beautiful contents. Check out our wholesale options for premium Crystal Clear Bags™.

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