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Premium Laminated Protective Closure Bags

Premium Laminated Protective Closure Bags/Sleeves

Our Premium Laminated Protective Bags Are Our Most Durable Sleeves

Premium bags are nice, made of high quality material, and get the job done well. However, they weren’t laminated… until now! We know that some artwork might require some extra heavy duty protection. This led us to create our most durable and highest quality sleeve yet. Premium laminated closure bags also come standard with an adhesive strip on the outside of the bag. By placing the adhesive strip on the bag (instead of the flap), we eliminate the all-too-common mistake of having your work get caught on a sticky strip, adding scuffs or unwanted marks.

Unwanted marks are also extremely easy to avoid behind the ironclad defense of a laminated clear plastic sleeve. With stronger side creases and thicker plastic, our laminated closure bags are perfect for organizing and storing your artwork without the fear of damaging its longevity. When it’s time to take your work out and show the world, you'll feel confident knowing that your visual quality is uncompromised. With translucent clarity, our premium laminated closure bags are an artist's best friend, allowing you to present your work while making sure that it stays safe from any unfortunate accidents.

We also keep retailers in mind by supplying our premium laminated closure bags at competitive wholesale prices, allowing you to get the maximum return from your order.

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