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Protective Closure Bags

Protective Closure Clear Stationery Sleeves

Protective Closure Bags Come With Peel-Off Adhesive Strips

Our protective closure bags are great for keeping your contents together. Each bag comes standard with a peel-away adhesive strip fixed on the outside of the bag, instead of being placed on the lid. This allows you to slide your work into the sleeve without it getting snagged by the sticky surface. It also lets you adjust the length of the flap, giving you the freedom to add or remove a little extra space just in case you need it. With our multiple different sizes and styles, we make it easy to find the perfect fitting bag for your product. We have also recently introduced our eco-friendly protective closure bags, perfect for the outdoors!

Each protective closure bag is made with crystal clear plastic, making sure your product is shown off with total clarity. Our protective closure stationery bags are a very popular choice with retailers who make premier greeting cards or use professional-grade decorative stationery. With wholesale pricing, USPS approved materials, and a reliable adhesive sealant, our Crystal Clear Bags™ are perfect for online retailers who care about the quality of their product display.

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