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Protective Closure Hanging Bags

Protective Closure Hanging Stationery Sleeves

Use Protective Closure Hanging Bags For Creative Freedom

Sometimes, you need the flexibility and creative freedom to seal your bag at the exact right spot to give your product a snug fit. Well, if that's something you're looking for and also happen to be hanging your inventory, then we have the perfect bag for you. Protective closure hanging bags are sealable with an adhesive strip located on the outside section of the bottom of the bag. Placing the adhesive strip on the outside of the bag prevents it from being snagged on while placing or removing your products. This also allows you to adjust the size of usable space inside your bag. By adjusting the seal point along the open flap, you can either expand or decrease the amount of usable space inside the bag.

The top of the bags feature delta holes to fit on industry standard retail hangers, as well as a heat sealed barrier to hold itself together while your bag expands to the size you need. Our Crystal Clear Bags™ are made with the highest quality material to ensure that your product is seen with ultimate clarity, giving your curbside appeal an extra touch of quality. Your clarity is also uncompromised with the added 1.6 mil thick plastic. At wholesale pricing, we make it easy to supply any retailer with the amount of bags they need without breaking the bank.

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