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No Flap Bags

No Flap Stationery Sleeves

Use No Flap Bags For Easy Packaging and Opening

No flap bags are great for making a huge impact with little work. Simply by covering your stationery or cards, you give the display of a professional grade card service. The extra touch of quality that a clear no flap sleeve brings will be appreciated by your customers, family, or friends. Dress up your party favors, keep your photos organized & clean, or just upgrade your store inventory, our no flap bags have endless uses. Here are some examples of the products our customers are putting in their no flap Crystal Clear Bags™:

  • Greeting cards
  • Photos
  • CD's
  • Invitations
  • Party Favors
  • Stationery

Perfect for retailers and stationery creators, no flap bags act as an open sleeve capable of holding multiple cards. They allow your products to be handled by potential customers without the worry of the product being damaged or scuffed. All no flap bags are also made with acid free, archival safe, and food safe materials, giving you maximum flexibility when deciding what to use them for. Additionally, you have the option to heat seal your bags if the no flap design is not ideal for your specific situation. Clear no flap bags are available to purchase with wholesale pricing and with no minimum order necessary.

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