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Clear Flap Seal Bags

Clear Flap Seal Stationery Sleeves

Flap Seals Keep Your Contents Where You Want Them

With the wide variety of clear plastic bags that we have, it can be tough to decide on one in particular. However, if you’re looking for a hassle-free and reliable packaging solution for your smaller goods - then look no further. Our Crystal Clear Bags™ have the visual clarity and physical durability to keep your products right where you want them.

Clear sleeves are a great way to package cards and envelopes too. When you protect your stationery, it looks higher grade and emits and aura of professionalism. It’s important that you also find sleeves that are easy to use, when packaging inventory or personal items the last thing you need is a difficult packing process. With our adhesive flap seal built into our bags, you can quickly seal your cards in a protective sleeve with Crystal Clear visibility and let your products look their best.

Although we advertise our clear flap seal bags as the perfect clear plastic sleeve for stationery, they are also great for tons of other purposes. Some customers have used their clear flap seal bags for their store inventory, mailing products, and event goodie bags. If your product requires another type of sealable bag, we carry many different types of clear plastic sleeves to accommodate your needs.

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