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Eco Clear Bags

Eco Friendly Crystal Clear Bags®

Many shoppers and retailers are aware of the environmental impact their packaging selections make, and we're glad to provide them with the perfect solution for reducing that carbon footprint. If you are one of these retailers, then you know the importance that your customers put behind supporting stores that care about being eco friendly. Set the example and give your customers a reason to keep coming back with eco clear bags. Made with plant based material, our eco friendly crystal clear sleeves are compostable, static free, and FDA approved for direct contact with consumables. Due to the material they are made of, these bags do not have archival quality and after many years will start to show signs of decomposition. However, if you're looking for archival material bags, organic material is liable to damage certain stationery and paper.

Eco friendly bags are perfect for displaying your goods that you anticipate will be used in the outdoors. Customers will notice the connection you've made, that you’ve done your research and not only can tell what your own products are being used for but to help your customers use them with ease of mind and no guilt.

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