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Eco Protective Closure Bags

Environmentally Friendly Protective Closure Bags

Many plastic bags are improperly disposed of and are left outside as a result. This pollution is hard to ignore and difficult to curb, but not impossible to avoid. That's why we engineered our line of eco friendly clear plastic bags and boxes. Our line of eco bags are environmentally friendly, giving you and your customers peace of mind when knowing their carbon footprint is being reduced. Eco bags are made with a plant based PLA-material. Over the years, this material will start to biodegrade, so it's not recommended for using them for longer than a few years. The intention for our eco bags is to have them biodegrade instead of litter the ground, so their shelf life is intended for disposable use, which makes them perfect for consumable items and snack packs.

Protective closure bags feature an adhesive strip on the outside of the bag instead of the inside of the flap to ensure that your product won't be damaged or snagged by the sticky strip while being taken out or put back in. All eco clear bags are available in wholesale prices so you can get the most out of your order and put the most into your brand and products.

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