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Stationery Boxes

Stationery Boxes | Wholesale Boxes for Stationery

ClearBags® carries a host of wholesale stationery boxes that are made with only the finest materials, and yet available for very low prices.

We carry boxes in nearly every common and uncommon stationery size, including several popular box options that include:

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  • Crystal Clear Greeting Card Boxes — Our most popular stationery boxes are our crystal clear boxes. These boxes are made with durable, high clarity plastic that enhances the look of your cards to consumers.
  • Paper Boxes — Paper boxes are a classic option for stationery packaging. These boxes have a clear viewing window so customers can see the look of your greeting cards and stationery.
  • Hanging Boxes — Ready for retail, our hanging boxes have a hanging hole that is very durable, and are also crystal clear clarity for maximum visibility.

All stationery sets need to be packaged in quality, durable stationery that enhances, rather than detracts from the quality of your products.

ClearBags has stationery boxes for any type of greeting card, invitation, announcement, or other stationery creation. Find your size stationery box today by checking out the inventory below.

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