Stationery Packaging

High Quality Stationery and Greeting Card Packaging at Wholesale Prices!

Stationery Industry

Our stationery packaging accommodates greeting cards, invitations, letterheads and more. All of these products very popular with today’s consumers. Many companies thrive creating custom cards and stationery for all types of clients. In order to create those customized items, you need to have access to affordable stationery. ClearBags® is the number one website for all of your custom wholesale stationery packaging needs.

We have hundreds of stationery packaging items in stock in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Wholesale blank cards and cardstock in all colors and sizes.
  • Card sleeves and bags to protect and promote your cards.
  • Bio-compostable Eco Clear Bags - High clarity and eco-friendly
  • Envelopes and packaging accessories.
  • Stationery boxes
  • Slip covers, inkjet photo paper and much more.

ClearBags® supplies all of the wholesale stationery packaging you need to create your own custom cards, envelopes, and much more. And since all of our products are affordably priced, you’ll be able to experience a great profit off of your inventory.

Check out all of our choices below, or let us know if you need help finding the wholesale stationery packaging that you need.

Stationery Reference Chart

Envelope Size Holds Protective Closure No Flap Flap Seal
A1 / 4 Bar 1 Set B3X5PC B3X5NF B3X5
A2 / 5.5 Bar 1 Set B54PC B54NF B54
A6 / 6 Bar 1 Set B65PC B65NF B65
A7 / Lee 1 Set B75PC B75NF B75
#10 1 Set B49PC B49NF B49

See our complete Stationery Reference Chart