Clear Book Covers for Textbooks & Collectibles

Protective Plastic Book Covers Safe for Collectables (Acid Free)


Your books, be it old, new, for class, or for you, are unfortunately fragile and easy to damage. The protection of a book is the protection of all the contents within it, and our clear plastic slip-on book covers are the perfect shield for the job. Our clear plastic book covers are lightweight and inexpensive, making them easy to ship in bulk orders.

Our acid-free formula makes sure that the contents of your clear plastic book sleeve will be kept in pristine condition. We are also aware that textbooks, books, and collectibles can come in different shapes and sizes, we aim to accommodate your collection no matter what the dimensions might be. Our easy-to-use clear plastic book covers are adjustable to fit the exact width you need. If your hardcover texts need clear plastic sleeves, covers, or book jackets then you've come to the right place.

  • 2 Mil thickness, laminated material for extra durability
  • Crystal Clear visibility
  • Acid Free/Archival
  • Assembly instructions included

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High-Quality Crystal Clear Book and Comic Books Cover Sleeves

Book covers are often a necessary part of protecting and preserving books, but they can also be stylish. ClearBags offers clear book covers to enhance the style of any book while still keeping it protected. Our clear book covers are made from high-quality, crystal clear polypropylene film that will not yellow over time. This superior construction provides superior protection from dust, dirt, and moisture. It also makes it easy to identify the book’s contents without having to remove the cover.

These book sleeves provide a great way to both protect and showcase your favorite books with their crystal clear clarity that allows you to see right through them. Plus, our design features an adhesive back flap that seals the cover firmly to the book, while still allowing you to open and close the book without removing it.

  • 2 Mil thickness, laminated material for extra durability
  • Crystal Clear visibility
  • Acid Free / Archival
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Perfect for protecting comic books
  • Protect text books for higher resell
  • Use for paper collectables or scrapbook pages

Not only do these clear book covers look great, but they’re also lightweight and durable. They won’t crack or tear easily like some other plastic materials, so your books will continue looking their best for years to come. You can even use them to cover magazines and hardcover books, so you can keep your library looking nice and organized.

At ClearBags, we’re passionate about protecting and preserving all types of literature, which is why we offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit any book size or design. Whether you’re looking to protect a cherished classic, or just want to add some extra style to newer books, ClearBags has the right clear book covers for you. Shop now and keep your library in pristine condition for many years!