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Specialty Packaging, Glassine, and Direct Mail

Specialty Packaging

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At ClearBags®, our goal is to always have the bags, boxes, and custom wholesale packaging that you need for your business, no matter what that business may be. Sometimes that means specialty packaging, which is why we have an enormous selection of unique bags, boxes, accessories, and other items that are all created for specific needs.

We carry a variety of vinyl products, media packaging, antimicrobial products, book covers, dental packaging, and more.All of our specialty products were made with the consumer in mind, and can be found at very affordable wholesale and discount pricing.

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Specialty Packaging FAQs

  • What is glassine packaging?

    Glassine packaging is commonly used for lightweight items like stamps, coins, stationery, photographs, seeds, and more. It is a glossy white paper that has a smooth finish and is grease resistant and biodegradable.

  • Are sleeves good for cards?

    Yes, it is ideal to package cards inside a sleeve to help protect it from dust, grease, fingerprints, smudge marks, and more. Sleeves are made from acid free material which is great for long term storage of cards, trading cards, photographs, and more.

  • Do book covers really protect books?

    Yes, book covers are great for protecting books for light use. Our book covers are designed to protect books of all sizes including cookbooks and artbooks.

  • What bags to transport fish in?

    Poly bags are best for transporting live fish. ClearBags also carries a line of poly bags that feature a box bottom design so fish won't get stuck in the corners during transportation.

  • What is the difference between vinyl and PVC?

    Vinyl and PVC are closely related terms and are often used interchangeably, but there are a few slight differences between them. Vinyl is a term used to refer to PVC in its flexible, plastic form. PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer used in a variety of applications.

Variety of Vinyl, Glassine, and Book Covers Packaging

Welcome to ClearBags® Specialty Category, where innovation meets protection in packaging solutions. Elevate your presentation and preservation needs with our diverse range of specialty packaging products, meticulously designed to cater to unique requirements. Whether you're safeguarding precious comic book covers, card covers, or other cherished items, ClearBags® has you covered. Dive into the world of possibilities with our specialty packaging options, including premium glassine and durable vinyl materials. Our glassine envelopes provide a transparent yet protective layer, allowing the beauty of your contents to shine through while shielding them from environmental elements. Perfect for showcasing and safeguarding your valuable comic book covers, these envelopes ensure a professional presentation that captivates. For those seeking robust protection, our vinyl products offer durability without compromising visibility. Crafted with precision, our vinyl packaging is ideal for safeguarding card covers and delicate items, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.
ClearBags Specialty Category goes beyond conventional packaging by offering solutions for direct mail needs. Explore our range of innovative direct mail packaging options designed to make an impact, ensuring your message or product reaches its destination securely and stylishly. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with ClearBags® Specialty Category.