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At ClearBags®, our goal is to always have the bags, boxes, and custom wholesale packaging that you need for your business, no matter what that business may be. Sometimes that means custom packaging, which is why we have an enormous selection of specialty bags, boxes, accessories, and other items that are all created for specific needs.

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We are committed to being your one stop source for all types of packaging, and are dedicated to creating custom bags, boxes, and other options to make sure that all of your storage, shipping, retail display, and wrapping needs are covered.

Examples of Our Wholesale Specialty Packaging

ClearBags is the proud provider of a tremendous selection of industry packaging, including, but not limited to:

  • Book Covers — Clear, durable plastic covers to keep books safe.
  • Archival Albums and Pages — Archival safe albums for your best photos and prints.
  • Dental Bags and Packaging — Sleeves, bags, and covers for the dental industry.
  • SmartSleeves — Our outstanding phone covers. Better than screen protectors.
  • Direct Mail Bags — Bags and sleeves for all of your direct mail marketing needs.

We also have CD and DVD holders, photo booth sleeves, tools like hand sealers and tape guns, photo mounts and so much more.

All of our specialty products were made with the consumer in mind, and can be found at very affordable wholesale and discount pricing. Check out all of the items we have below, or let us know if you need help finding the bags, sleeves, boxes, and other forms of packaging for your industry.

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  1. 6" Clear Worm Loop (100 Pieces) [6WL]
    6" Clear Worm Loop (100 Pieces) [6WL]

    Our Clear Worm Loop measures 6 inches and is a clear plastic strap used to attach to luggage name cards. Made from a sturdy vinyl material, this 6WL durable strap also works great for badges, briefcases, backpacks, and more. Use these loops with our Clear Vinyl Luggage Tags [LUGTAG], sold separately.

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  2. 6" x 3" Hanging Zip Bags
    6" x 3" Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags (100 Pieces) [HZB63]
    Our high barrier hanging zip top bags keep flavors and scents inside the bag where they belong. HZB63 is our 6" x 3" ziplock bag that is ideal for salty snacks, sweet spices, chocolate pretzel rods, bath salts, fishing lures, and much more. Features include a resealable zipper and a durable hanging strip to securely showcase your products. Learn More
  3. 6" x 4" Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags (100 Pieces) [HZB64]
    6" x 4" Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags (100 Pieces) [HZB64]

    Hanging zip top barrier bags are ideal for sealing in scents and flavors. HZB64 measures 6" x 4" and is a great choice for packaging granola, candy, nuts, and more. This zippered bag is ready for retail and is sealed on three sides for extra strength. The material is 2.6 mil thick and is made of sturdy PET/CPP plastic for a durable hanging display.

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  4. |1294,1296
    6" x 4 5/8" Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags (100 Pieces) [HZB64XL]
    Our hanging high barrier zipper bags are designed to hold in scents and flavors. Our HZB64XL bag measures 6" x 4 5/8" and is ideal for nuts, candy, grains, fishing lures, and more. This plastic hanging zipper bag features a hanging strip with a stylish Euro hang hole and a resealable zipper. This bag is heat sealable and food safe. Learn More
  5. 6" x 8" polypropylene bag
    6" x 8" Polypropylene Flat Bag, 1.5 mil (100 Pieces) [FP1H68]

    Our 6" x 8" Poly Flat Bags are perfect for larger quantities of candy, snacks and other bulk products. They also work well to package giant cookies, but can fit all types of bulk products. At 1.5 mil, our FP1H68 is clearer and stronger than a traditional poly bag. FDA approved, food safe material. Available for pennies.

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  6. 6" x 9" Premium Laminated Protective Closure Bag (100 Pieces) [PL6X9S]
    6" x 9" Premium Laminated Protective Closure Bag (100 Pieces) [PL6X9S]
    Premium Laminated Bags come with protective closures and offer both strength and beauty with stronger side seams than traditional Crystal Clear Bags® while maintaining the superb smooth flat finish, sturdy feel, durability and great clarity of premium bags. Learn More
  7. 6" x 12" (6" x 9" + Hanger) LDPE 1 Mil Clear Door Knob Bag (100 Pieces) [DK1]
    6" x 12" (6" x 9" + Hanger) LDPE 1 Mil Clear Door Knob Bag (100 Pieces) [DK1]
    Economical and easy to use, our DK1 plastic door knob bags measure 6" x 12" with 6" x 9" of usable space for flyers, brochures, or business swag. These 1.0 mil bags come loose (not on a hanger) and open at the top above the hole. Works great for displaying multiple items. Learn More
  8. 6" x 12" (6" x 9" +Hanger) 1 mil LDPE Door Knob Bags (100 Pieces) [DK3]
    6" x 12" (6" x 9" +Hanger) 1 mil LDPE Door Knob Bags (100 Pieces) [DK3]
    Our DK3 door knob bags measure 6" x 12" and features 6" x 9" of usable space for flyers, promotions, coupons and more! They have a 3-inch space from the bottom of the hole to the top of the bag for easy hanging. They are cardboard bound and perforated for convenient tear-off. Learn More
  9. 6" x 9" Crystal Clear Zip Bags with Round Hang Hole (100 Pieces) [ZR69]
    6" x 9" Crystal Clear Zip Bags with Round Hang Hole (100 Pieces) [ZR69]
    With superior clarity and an unmatched zip closure, these Crystal Clear Zip Bags are ideal for packaging your products in a resealable package. These zips have a round hang hole. Pre-opened. Acid Free/Archival. Learn More
  10. 6" x 9" Clear bag with Flap seal
    6" x 9" + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® (100 Pieces) [B6X9S]
    Our 6" x 9" self-sealing clear envelope is ideal for packaging stationery, photos or small mailers. Crystal Clear Bags® have optimal clarity and durability. Resealable adhesive is on the flap of the bag, allowing for an adjustable fit. USPS Approved. Learn More
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