Hanging Bookmark Sleeves

Vinyl Hanging Bookmarks

Clear Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves are designed to safely house your products in style

Our Clear Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves are the perfect alternative to cheap plastic covers that may damage or poorly protect your product. Made with clear vinyl, ClearBags® Hanging Bookmark Sleeves are the best choice when looking for a wholesale option to display and preserve your work. Be it bookmarks or love letters, these clear vinyl sleeves will give you memories of the unbreakable plastic casings holding the bookmarks at the library checkout, and will do an impressive job at protecting its contents.

These Clear Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves are not only great for storing bookmarks, but also magnets, photo booth picture strips, and artwork. The Clear Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves are also outfitted with punched hole on the top of the packaging for easy setup when wanting to hang up your sleeve for everyone to see. These make the perfect casings for Christmas Tree ornaments, car mirror bedazzlement, floral decorations, and just about anything else you want to use for your arts and crafts. Acid-free packaging assures that your work will not be compromised when cased in our clear vinyl sleeves. Perfect for wholesale shoppers, arts and crafts enthusiasts, or just about anyone who appreciates a clean and clear display. Feel free to reach out if there is a custom project that we can help you with!

  • Acid free - great for preservation
  • Ideal for crafters who want to make sure their creations are protected.
  • Sold in packs of 100 - Wholesale
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