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Photo Booth Sleeves

Phot Booth Sleeves

Photo Booth Sleeves Are a Valuable Tool For Protecting Your Cherished Memories

It doesn't take a professional to tell you that your photo's visual integrity is extremely important. Even more so for a unique one-of-a-kind photo booth strip. With only one copy of a night's beautiful memories, you want to make sure that it's being protected while also enjoying the reminiscence that comes with a crystal clear vinyl photo strip sleeve. We also make it easy to hang up or put on display with options available for hanger holes, adhesive sealing, and open ended bags.

Our crystal clear photo booth sleeves are available in a variety of thicknesses and materials. For a thicker and more protective case, our vinyl sleeves are perfect for the job. Ideal for holding bookmarks, dried flowers, photo booth strips, and more. For a thinner and more flexible clear plastic sleeve we have options for bags with open ends as well as adhesive strips on the outside of the sleeve to avoid coming into contact with your products. To assure you that our sleeves are the highest quality wholesale option, we make sure all of our bags are:

  • Acid-free/Archival
  • Crystal Clear - The industry's highest clarity bags
  • Excellent for presentation while protecting from fingerprints

For a wider list of available vinyl photo booth sleeves, try checking out our "Hanging Bookmarks" section to find similar products.

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