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Plastic Media Bags and Sleeves Are the Perfect Covers for CDs, Records, and More

Our clean and high quality media sleeves are the perfect tool to help preserve your media and keep your collections intact. With many CD's, records, and other media, fingerprints and years of handling can wear down their integrity and cause their contents to be compromised. Even with other solid-tone media covers, you'll find yourself having to take the media out just to identify it. Knowing the struggles that come with media preservation, ClearBags® set out to provide you with the best wholesale solution for storing your media. Our clear plastic products are clean and easily viewable for any angle, while our solid-color sleeves make sure that your contents' identifying labels are clear to see. Forget about the bulk and weight that comes with jewel cases, our clear plastic CD sleeves are safe, light weight, and take up almost no room, and with our wholesale options available you'll easily be able to protect every kind of media in your archive.

Although we designed these bags, sleeves, and covers for your media, they are also extremely useful for other items you want to preserve and display. USBs, post-it notes, stationary, cash, or just about anything you can imagine are effectively protected and kept safe with our clear plastic media cases and solid-color record sleeves. The adhesive strips on the back of some of the sleeves also make it very easy for sealing and keeping your contents secured.

Here are some media formats these sleeves will easily protect:

  • Vinyl Records - 45's and 33's
  • CD's or disks of any kind
  • Stationary or cardstock
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