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Tournament Weigh Bags

Tournament Weigh Bags

Tournament Weigh Bags Keep Your Fish In Place And Your Car Seats Dry

Weigh in bags are ideal for transporting your freshly caught fish to the scale without losing a drop of water. Our Crystal Clear Bags™ have the strength and clarity to keep your trophy fish looking great and right where you want it. As fishermen ourselves, we understand the pain and hassle that comes with a compromised weigh bag or realizing that every bag you’ve bought might as well be a disposable grocery bag. Because of this, we set out to combine our expertise in clear plastic wholesale packaging solutions with our personal love for fishing. The results speak for themselves as out fishing industry packaging clear plastic bags are trusted by many professionals and retailers.

Our tournament weigh bags are more than just Crystal Clear Bags™, they are engineered specifically for the transportation of marine life. With double sealing and a square bottom for your fish to swim comfortably, ClearBags® is ready to support any catch you've got!

Here are some of the features you can look forward to in our Crystal Clear tournament weigh bags:

  • 3 Mil PE
  • Clear and strong
  • Watertight solution

We recommend using our Crystal Clear Bags™ in conjunction with fresh, clean, cool, and well aerated water to extend the life of your trophy fish.

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