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Direct Mail Bags | Sleeves and Bags for Direct Mail Marketing

When you start any direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll need a way to wrap your advertisements. At ClearBags®, we have the perfect direct mail bags, sleeves, and wraps for any type of direct marketing. We have flat seal bags for your advertisements, protective closures, full view envelopes, door knob bags, and more. To create the perfect look, snug or loose, all of these products come in a variety of sizes for your specific marketing needs.

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  • Grab the Attention of Customers - This simple addition to your campaign goes a long way in making your print pieces memorable.
  • Protection and Presentation - Packaging your mailers is not only great for protection, but it presents your advertising material in a professional manner.

All of our specialty products were made with the consumer in mind, and can be found at very affordable wholesale and discount pricing. Check out all of the items we have below, or let us know if you need help finding the bags, sleeves, boxes, and other forms of packaging for your industry.

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