Premium Laminated Bags

Give Your Product A Professional Look With Premium Laminated Bags

When you need maximum visual clarity for your product and don't want to compromise on the protection quality of your bag, ClearBags® has the solution. With our high-quality line of Crystal Clear Bags® we are certain we can find the perfect option for your direct mailing needs. With crystal clear plastic and double material fusing for extra reinforcement, our premium laminated bags will display your product beautifully and with complete clarity while also keeping it durable and protected. We also want to make sure our premium laminated bags are able to accommodate any shape or size of the contents you place inside it. That's why we've outfitted all of our clear premium laminated bags with adjustable adhesive strips on either the outside of the bag (to avoid making contact while filling the bag) and on the inside of the flap (for easily adjustable sealing).

Our wholesale options and USPS approval also help supply retailers with the quantity, quality, and ease that they need to operate smoothly and effectively.

Although our premium laminated bags were designed for direct mailing, we also know how great they are for many other uses! Our premium laminated bags are perfect for:

  • Direct Mailing
  • Retail Packaging
  • Art Preservation
  • Professional Detailing
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