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Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers

Types of Poly Mailers | CoEx Bags

Looking for high-quality poly mailers to send products far and wide in total security? ClearBags can help. We offer a vast, varied selection of poly mailers, also known as CoEx bags, crafted from top-quality LDPE material to resist tears and punctures en route to their destinations. A leading specialist in all things packaging-related, ClearBags can provide you with the very best poly mailers around. Whether you need a CoEx poly mailer to ship documents or safely deliver gifts, clothing, or electronics to your customers, we can help.

The Best Poly Mailers for Your Business

Poly mailers and CoEx bags are among the most versatile forms of packaging, and ClearBags' poly mailers are some of the strongest around. They feature a 3-layer LDPE design. This makes our poly mailers strong and resistant, so you won't need to worry about any unwanted tears or holes. They're also resistant to water, as well as featuring a security-oriented design, with a tamper-proof adhesive strip along the edge. So you can close these poly mailers and secure the items inside before you post them without any fears or concerns of theft or damages to those items. Our poly mailers are also completely opaque for total privacy, and feature strong seams, allowing bulky or oddly-shaped items to be placed inside without any fears of accidentally tearing the bag or bursting the sides. All in all, ClearBags offers the best poly mailers bags to buy online, providing strength, versatility, and the key design features you need to ship your products and personal items with ease and confidence.

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