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Eco Clear Mailers

Our Eco-Friendly Clear Mailer Bags Are Food Safe and Compostable

If you're looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions, then we have the perfect selection for you. Our Crystal Clear eco-friendly direct mail bags are USPS approved, certified compostable, and food safe, making them an excellent option for shipping anything from chocolate to fresh produce. With compostable clear bags, you'll not only be able to showcase your product with perfect clarity and a beautiful display, but you'll also be showing your customers that you take the extra time to consider the environmental impact of your packaging. Our clear bags are made from PLA material derived from renewable biomass, making them completely safe for the environment. This especially comes in handy when packaging consumable goods, providing a clean and hassle-free disposal process.

If you're planning on sending goodies with your direct mailers, our Crystal Clear Bags® will give them the protection and display necessary to make sure your message is received exactly as you intended it to be. Our bags are also heat sealable, so your product can have maximum protection from the outside elements - something that's pretty important when sending consumable goods!

Our eco-friendly bags also come with an adhesive strip built-in for easy sealing. Consider how your product will shine with ClearBags® eco-friendly clear mailer bags.

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