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Clear Slip-on Book Covers


Clear Slip-On Book Covers are an easy and effective way to preserve your books and display them clearly

Your books, be it old, new, for class, or for you, are unfortunately fragile and easy to damage. The protection of a book is the protection of all the contents within it, and our clear plastic slip-on book covers are the perfect shield for the job. We make it easy to provide for a large series of albums, or for a classroom full of textbooks with our wholesale prices and product availability. Our clear plastic book covers are light and inexpensive, making them easy to ship in bulk orders.

Our acid-free formula makes sure that the contents of your clear plastic book sleeve will be kept in pristine condition. We are also aware that texts, books, and albums can all come in different shapes and sizes, we aim to accommodate your collection no matter what the dimensions might be. Our easy-to-use clear plastic book covers are adjustable to fit the exact width you need. If your hardcover texts need clear plastic sleeves, covers, or book jackets then you've come to the right place.

Here are some qualities of our clear plastic book covers:

  • 2 Mil thickness
  • Crystal Clear visibility
  • Acid Free/Archival
  • No separate tools or materials needed
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Laminated material for extra durability and protection
  • Inexpensive

All measurements given are based on hardcover books.

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  1. 8" x 14" Clear Slip-on Book Covers (25 Pieces) [BC8]
    8" x 14" Clear Slip-on Book Covers (25 Pieces) [BC8]
    $8.62 As low as $2.62 bulk price (70% Off)
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