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  • Crystal Clear Bags® with Flap 11 7/16" x 8 3/4" 100 pack B118

Find All Backing Boards, Bags and Boxes Size 8.5" x 11" for your Photos, Art, and Prints

Our comprehensive collection of 8.5" x 11" Hanging Bags, Protective Closure Bags, and Value Clear Bags are designed to meet all your packaging and storage needs with the utmost convenience and quality. Our 8.5" x 11" Hanging Bags are perfect for organizing and displaying documents, artwork, photos, and more. Designed with a reinforced hanging strip, these bags can be easily suspended on hooks, pegs, or racks, keeping your contents readily accessible and well-protected. Made from clear, durable polyethylene, they provide a crystal-clear view of your materials, making them ideal for retail displays, art shows, and archival storage. For added security and peace of mind, our Protective Closure Bags feature a unique adhesive strip located on the bag's body, not the flap, preventing any contact with your precious contents when opening and resealing. This ensures your items remain safe from dust, dirt, fingerprints, and moisture. They're an excellent choice for photography, artwork, and important documents.

For those seeking budget-friendly options without compromising quality, our Value Clear Bags are an excellent choice. Made from high-quality polypropylene, these bags provide exceptional clarity, strength, and durability, making them an affordable yet reliable choice for various applications, from packaging to organizing and more. Whether you're a business owner, artist, or simply looking for efficient storage solutions, our 8.5" x 11" Hanging Bags, Protective Closure Bags, and Value Clear Bags offer versatility and dependability that you can trust. Experience the ease and protection our bags bring to your organization and storage needs.