4" x 6"

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Find All Backing Boards, Bags and Boxes Size 4" x 6" for your Photos, Art, and Prints

Introducing our premium 4" x 6" Backing Boards, Photo Mounts, and Clear Plastic Boxes - the perfect trio to safeguard and display your cherished memories with elegance and style. Crafted with precision, our 4" x 6" backing boards provide the ideal foundation for your photographs. Made from acid-free, archival-quality materials, they ensure that your pictures stay in pristine condition for generations to come. The sturdy construction prevents bending and warping, giving your photos the support they deserve. Enhance your presentation with our Photo Mounts, designed to complement and highlight your images. Precision-cut for a seamless fit, they exude professionalism and sophistication. The acid-free surface safeguards against discoloration or damage, preserving your memories' vividness and clarity.

To complete the ensemble, our Clear Plastic Boxes offer a protective enclosure that doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Made from high-quality, crystal-clear plastic, they shield your mounted photos from dust, fingerprints, and minor spills. The transparent finish allows for easy viewing, ensuring your images captivate without obstruction. These products work in harmony to create a complete, polished look for your photographs, whether you're displaying them in your home, gifting them to loved ones, or showcasing them in a gallery. Elevate your photo presentation to a new level with our 4" x 6" Backing Boards, Photo Mounts, and Clear Plastic Boxes - because your memories deserve nothing less than the best.