Shipping carriers are experiencing delays due to severe weather events, click here for more info.

ClearBags Service Status

We will be posting updates here as the situation changes.


ClearBags serves customers from 2 locations. Storm conditions at our Tennessee location are making it unsafe for our employees to go to work. Shipping carriers are out of commission as well. Our California team is working overtime to handle customer service and shipping as much as possible.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience and delays this is causing. We are striving to serve our customers the best we can. We thank you for your patience.

Our hearts go out to all our customers and employees who are suffering due to these storms. We know many are without heat, power, and water, pipes are freezing, and people are freezing. We are so grateful for all who are helping those in need. We are optimistic that the sunshine is coming soon. 


02/24/21- 4:00pm PST

We are happy to inform you that the shipping schedules are coming back to normal. Our backlog from the last two weeks has started to clear up. We thank you for your patience and as always, please feel free to reach us via chat, phone (800-233-263), or email ( Our hours are 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM PDT / 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM CDT.


02/23/21- 4:00pm PST

We noticed that many of our USPS shipments were mistakenly read as being delivered at our location in Selmer TN. If your package was shipped USPS and shows delivered in Selmer TN your package was not returned, it is still outbound for delivery to your location.


02/23/21- 1:30pm PST

Significant weather events across the globe are impacting the UPS network and the orders that were shipped last week and this week. Although your location may not be impacted by adverse weather, the movement of packages in the network may be impacted by weather conditions in other areas. Even if you have chosen to expedite your new order, it may not arrive on time. 


02/22/21- 11:15am PST

Most carriers have resumed pick-ups today. If your order has been processed and picked up, you should have received an order shipment/tracking email. registered account holders can log into their account history to see their tracking number and shipping provider.
We ask for your patience with the package service providers while they clear the backlogs and deliver the weeks worth of held up packages. It may take up to 24 hours for shipping services to confirm tracking numbers and a few days for expected delivery dates to be updated. 
Orders with tracking numbers are in the hands of the carriers and cannot be canceled or upgraded to express shipping. If you have not received a tracking email and need to expedite or cancel your order, please contact us. We are working hard to keep up with the high level of service requests.

02/18/21- 3:00pm PST

We are working hard to clear the roads so that our customer service reps and order pullers can get to the facility and prepare all your orders for pick up. We hope to resume all normal activities by Monday.
No major carriers are picking up orders today or tomorrow, but we do expect them to pick them up on Monday. 
Please be cautioned that even after the pick up on Monday, there will be excessive backlogs and the packages will get delayed even after you get a shipping confirmation. 


02/18/21- 7:30am PST

Due to severe weather conditions our East Coast warehouse remains closed at this time. Our Customer Service team is experiencing a high volume of calls and causing long hold times. Please reach out via live chat or email at


02/16/21- 11:30am PST


Service Disruption: We are experiencing substantial service disruptions at this time due to weather. Delays are possible for all orders shipping out of our East Coast warehouse. We will continue to monitor the situation and post updates here. 


02/16/21- 6:30am PST


ClearBags Customer Service is experiencing a high volume of phone calls right now due to the weather events taking place across the country. Please reach out via live chat or email at


Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times. We are committed to helping each of our customers process their orders in a timely manner.


02/15/21- 6:30am PST


Due to severe weather events our phone system is down. Customer Service is available via our live chat or by email at


The weather is causing shipping delays that are unavoidable. For more information please visit our website at





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