Photo Bags Product Reference Chart

Print Size Premium Protective Closure Protective Closure Eco Clear No Flap Flap Seal Crystal Clear Photo Boxes Backing Board Foam Board
2.5" x 3.5" B2MPC, B2XLPC B23CNF, B2NF, B2NFXL B2M, B2XL FPB172, FPB159, FPLB215
3.54" x 5.12"

(9 x 13 cm)

B3H5SPC, B3H5PC, B3X5PC B3H5, B3X5 FPB63, FB33, FPB118, FPB122
3.94" x 5.91"

(10 x 15 cm)

PR4X6 B4X6PC, B6X4PC B4X6NF B4X6, B56S, B6X4 FPB61, FPB155, FPB123, FPB160, FPB167, FPB232, FPLB214
4" x 6" PR4X6 B4X6PC, B6X4PC B4X6NFXL B4X6, B56S, B6X4, B46 FPB61, FPB123, FPB155, FPB160, FPB161, FPB167, FPLB214, FPB232 BACK4
4" x 8" B84 FPB156, FPB157, FPB158, FPB163
5" x 7" PR75 B75PC, B5PC, B5SPC GC75PC B75NF, B75SNF B75, LB75, B75S, B5, B75XL FPB62, FPB119, FPB121, FPB162, FPB166, FPB168, FPLB213 BACK5
5.12" x 7.09"

(13 x 18 cm)

PR75, PR75S B75PC, B5PC B75NF B75S, B75, B5, B75XL FPB62, FPB168, FPLB213
6" x 8" PR86 B86PC B86SNF, B86NF B86, B6, B86S BACK6
8" x 10" PR108, PR108S B108PC, B108SPC, B8PC GC108PC B108NF, B108SNF B108, B8, B108S, B8S FPB64, FPB169, FPB244 BACK8 FOMC8
8" x 12" B812PC B812NF B812
8.5" x 11" PR811, PR811S B811PC, B811SPC, B118SPC, B118PC GC811 B811NF, B811SNF B811, PR811S, B118, B118S FPB65, FPB150, FPB243 BACK811 FOMC811
8.5" x 14" B814XLPC B814XL
9" x 12" PR9 B9PC B9NF, B9SNF B9 BACK9 FOMC9
11" x 14" PR11 B11PC, B11SPC GC11 B11NF, B11SNF B11, B11S, B11M FPB170, FPB171, FPB242 BACK11 FOMC11
11" x 17" B1117PC B1117NF B1117, B1117M BACK1117 FOMC1117
12" x 12" PR12X12 B12XPC B12X12NF B12x12 FPB131, FPB132, FPB151, FPB152
12" x 16" PR12 B12PC B1218NF B12 BACK12 FOMC12
12" x 18" B1218PC B12NF B1218
13" x 19" PR1319 B1319PC B1319NF B1319 BACK1319 FOMC1319
16" x 20" PR16 B16PC, B16SPC, B16XPC B16NF B16, B16S, B16M, B16XL BACK16 FOMC16
16" x 24" B1624PC B1624
17" x 22" B1722PC B1722NF B1722 FOMC1722
18" x 24" PR18 B18PC B18NF B18 BACK18 FOMC18
20" x 24" PR20 B20PC B20NF B20 BACK20 FOMC20
20" x 30" B2030PC B2030
22" x 28" B22PC B22NF B22
24" x 30" B2430PC B2430NF B2430
24" x 36" B24PC B24NF B24, B24XL

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