Accessories Packaging for Bags and Boxes

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ClearBags is the leading provider of bags and packaging. But packaging is only the beginning. We also offer both box and bag accessories, at wholesale prices that won’t hurt your budget.

We supply everything your business needs for packaging, decorating and displaying your products, and that means bag accessories that include pre-tied bows, printed labels, mounting tape, stickers, twist ties, hang tabs and more.

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Accesories for Bags and Boxes FAQs

  • What is the difference between clear labels and clear stickers?

    There isn't much difference between clear labels and clear stickers. A lot of time clear labels are used on a box or envelope to emphasize the text or design on the label. Clear stickers are used for sealing boxes to create tamper resistant closure.

  • What is poly sheeting used for?

    Poly sheeting can be used for a variety of things including adding a window to a paper box to keep the contents inside secure. Poly sheeting creates a vapor or moisture barrier.

  • What is a stretch loop?

    A stretch loop is a packaging accessory used to secure and bundle items together. It can be made from either plastic or elastic. Usually a stretch loop is added to a box to create a finished look or add a gift tag.

  • What are hanging tabs?

    Hanging tabs are clear tags that can be added to a plastic bag or box that doesn't have a hang hole so they can be used in retail settings. Hang tabs feature adhesive on them to stick to a surface (plastic or paper) and then allow the product to hang.

  • What does a heat sealer do?

    Heat sealers are designed to create a closure to a bag for a tamper resistant closure. Some bags come open ended for easy loading and then need to be heat sealed closed to keep the items inside secure and fresh.

Find all the Accessories that You Need for your Boxes and Bags Packaging

We also provide Stickers for a variety of uses. Our clear stickers work great when applied to custom bags or boxes, where the clarity won’t take away from the design itself. Ideal for labeling products and even decorations, our clear stickers are printed on non-toxic materials that won’t damage your product while being applied. Not only that but clear stickers come in multiple shapes and sizes so you can pick the one that best suits your needs!

  • Non-Toxic Materials
  • Multiple shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for labeling products and decorations
  • Adds a pop of color for completed look
  • Available in standard and eco-friendly options
  • Food Safe Material

These are just some of the packaging accessories we offer at ClearBags! We have access to various items such as ribbon, mounting tape, stickers, poly sheets, hang tabs, twist ties and more to improve your packaging game. Check out our inventory today or contact us with any questions you may have! We look forward to helping you get the perfect bags for your products.