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Twist Ties, Pre-Tied Bows and Tin Ties

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ClearBags is the leading provider of bags and packaging. But packaging is only the beginning. We also offer both box and bag accessories, at wholesale prices that won’t hurt your budget.


We supply everything your business needs for packaging, decorating and displaying your products, and that means bag accessories that include ribbon, mounting tape, stickers, twist ties, hang tabs and more.


Check out our inventory below to see all of the packaging accessories that we have available, or contact us today to discuss what you’re packaging and the accessories and products that are ideal for you.

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Pre-tied Bows and Twist Ties FAQs

  • What is the difference between a twist tie and a cable tie?

    A twist tie is a thin piece of metal that is covered in paper that is often used for closing bags or securing small items. A cable tie is made from nylon or a thick plastic, they are also known as zip ties.

  • How do you use twist ties?

    A twist tie can be used to secure an open ended bag closed by wrapping it around the opening and twisting it tight.

  • What is the difference between a ribbon and a bow?

    The difference between a ribbon and a pre-tied bow is that a pre-tied bow has already been formed into a bow and features a twist tie connected to it so it can be wrapped around the closure of a bag.

  • What is a tin tie?

    A tin tie is a piece of metal that is wrapped in paper or a thick plastic that can be found on a top of a bag and used to provide a secure closure. Tie ties usually allow a bag to be folded down and then folded over to hold it in place.

  • Why are tin ties used for food packaging?

    Tin ties are used for food packaging on certain types of packaging for bakery and coffee.

Pre-Tied Bows and Twist Ties Available in Different Colors for your Packaging Bags

Pre-tied Bows are the perfect solution for saving time and money when it comes to packaging up products or gifts. Choose from satin bow, metallic, and jute bow options in dozens of colors for a bow that perfectly suits your needs. Each bow measures 3 1/2" across from corner to corner with a 5" twist tie attached to the back so they can easily be secured around bags. Whether you’re preparing retail items, wedding favors, pet treats, or more - pre-tied bows offers the finishing touch you need without hours spent trying to tie them yourself!

  • Dozens of colors available
  • Attached twist ties make these very easy to use
  • 3 1/2" bow width, 7/8" ribbon width
  • Available in satin, metallic, and jute options
  • Made from 1" wide double satin ribbon
  • Features a clear 5" twist tie to secure onto bags

Save time and money with pre-tied bows from ClearBags. Shop now!

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