Photo Mounting Supplies

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Mounting a photo or art piece? ClearBags carries mounting corners, mounting tape and photo mounts from Lineco for any art and photo need. 


All mounting materials come acid and lignin free to ensure your art won’t become discolored or damaged. Mounting tapes come as a box of mounting squares or a roll of hinging tape for your convenience.  Self-Adhesive mounting corners are clear and can be used to adhere your artwork and photography to backing board without the sticky mess of glue. Photo mounts are our crystal clear sleeves with double flaps to make mounting photos simple and easy.


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Photo Mounting Supplies FAQs

  • What are mounting corners?

    Mounting corners are used for mounting art prints, photos, or documents. They slip over the corners of your piece and come with an adhesive on the back for a permanent and secure installation.

  • What is mounting tape used for?

    Mounting tape is used to help mount your photo or artwork to mats or backing board. Using mounting tape can keep your artwork in the correct position.

  • What's the difference between mounting tape and double-sided tape?

    ClearBags mounting tape is linen and sticky on one side- ideal for hinging prints to mats or backing.. Double sided tape is sticky on both sides.

  • What is the difference between mounted and framed photos?

    Photos that are mounted are attached to mats or some kind of backing or foam board. Framed photos are placed in a frame. Many choose to mount their photos to mats or backing boards before placing them in frames.

Find All the Mounting Materials to Protect and Hang your Photos and Art

The superior mounting materials at ClearBags are designed to protect, preserve, and enhance photos, artwork, documents, and certificates. Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary mounting solution, our products offer the perfect combination of strength and flexibility so you can confidently display your treasured items in style. From photo mounting corners to gummed paper hinging tape to double sided mounting tape, make sure to choose the right product for your needs today! With ClearBags as your trusted partner in preservation and presentation, you’ll be glad you did.  Shop now!

  • Permanent, pressure sensitive, non-yellowing acrylic adhesive
  • Archival-safe
  • Paper is acid-free, lignin-free and buffered to pH 8.5 with 3% calcium carbonate
  • Adhesive is acid-free, pure carbohydrate and protein
  • The adhesive dries strong and will not creep
  • Easily activates when moistened with water
  • Safe and water reversible

From photo mounts, to mounting tape, and mounting corners ClearBags has the mounting materials you need to preserve and present your artwork today!