White Grease Resistant Cookie Boards

Grease Resistant Cookie BoardGrease Resistant Cookie Board


We know that packaging baked goods can be difficult. Everything from package clarity to item stability is important in marketing your products and maintaining your brand image. Baked goods like brownies, cookies, rice crispy squares, and many others are only as strong as the packaging they come in. After all, nothing is more disappointing than opening a package expecting a treat and getting tasty chunks of cookie debris instead. This is something we don’t want our customers to experience, so we made a new product to help out.

Our cookie boards feature a grease resistant glossy side that won’t leave any stain marks or be compromised by the product that’s resting on it. We also size our cookie boards perfectly to fit inside matching Crystal Clear Bags; for a seamless and tidy presentation. Our cookie cards also come with rounded edges, making sure they don’t poke through any packaging while being inserted.

Grease resistant cookie boards act as a stabilization backing card for cookies and other baked goods, your delicate creations stay safe and sound.

  • Food safe and grease resistant
  • Fits perfectly in cookie bags
  • Features one glossy side (grease resistant), and one non-glossy side
  • Rounded edges for avoiding accidental punctures

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Cookie Boards FAQs

  • What is a cookie board?

    A cookie board is a piece of food safe paper that can be placed behind a cookie to help provide additional stability when it is packaged inside a bag or box.

  • What is the best material for packaging cookies?

    There are quite a few options for packaging cookies, but we recommend using a food safe material for packaging cookies.

  • How do you wrap individual cookies?

    Individual cookies can be packaged inside flat heat seal bags to help protect them and keep them fresh.

  • How to package cookies for sale?

    The best way to package cookies for sale is to individually package them in a flat heat seal bag to keep them fresh and protected.

  • What is the best packaging to keep cookies fresh?

    A flat heat seal bag that is made from a food safe material is best for sealing cookies and keeping them fresh. Another type of packaging that helps to keep cookies fresh are Stand Up Zipper Pouches that feature a resealable zipper and a high barrier.

White Grease Resistant Boards Great for Cookies, Brownies, Rice Crispy, and More

Keep your items looking fresh and pristine with a cookie board from ClearBags! Make sure to check our selection of Crystal-Clear Bags that are perfectly sized to fit these cookie boards. Your culinary creations will look like they just came straight out of the oven. Try them today and keep your products safely packaged for sale and display!

  • Perfect for cookies, baked goods, candy necklaces, and pretzel rods.
  • Ideal for stabilizing treat bags and keeping baked goods intact
  • Packaged in a pack of 25 cookie boards
  • Protects product from damage while handling or shipping.
  • Features one glossy side (grease resistant), and one non-glossy side.
  • Rounded edges for avoiding accidental punctures
  • Food safe & grease resistant

ClearBags is here to help make sure that your culinary creations look their best! Get started now and bring your baking projects to life with a cookies board from ClearBags!​​​​​​​