Clear Stickers for Mailing and Retail

Clear Stickers are great for holding Crystal Clear Boxes® or two-piece Greeting Card Boxes closed. Also use any of the Clear Sticker options for a clean finished look on any of our Crystal Clear Bags®.

  • Available in standard and eco friendly options
  • Circle and rectangular shapes
  • Use to secure boxes closed
  • Provides a tamper resistant closure

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Eco-Friendly Clear Stickers Ideal to Seal your Retail Packaging Like Boxes, Bags, and Tubes

Our clear stickers come with a permanent adhesive that will keep your product secure in the retail environment. Whether you need clear rectangle stickers, or clear round stickers, we have just what you need! Our Nature Flex material is eco-friendly and 2.0 mil thick which makes it ideal for sealing bags, boxes, and tubes. With 25 labels per sheet, you'll be sure to find the perfect closure for your product's packaging. Choose clear stickers ClearBags today!

  • Ideal for sealing bags, boxes, and tubes
  • Secure closure for the retail environment.
  • Great addition to any Eco-Friendly Packaging.
  • Clean look and polished presentation.
  • Available in 3/4" and 1 1/4"

We are proud to provide a range of green products that help reduce our environmental footprint. With our eco-friendly clear stickers, you can choose a sustainable solution for your packaging needs while maintaining a secure seal. For added assurance, make sure to check out our NatureFlex material which is 2.0 mil thick and available in both circle and rectangle shapes. Shop ClearBags today for all your clear round sticker and rectangle sticker needs!