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Crystal Clear Poly Sheets

Clear Poly SheetsClear Poly Sheets

Sometimes the most subtle details are the ones that make the biggest impact. So when it comes to your product presentation, we know that these minor details are important. There are a lot of tools you can use to better organize your inventory and packaged goods, but none outdoes our crystal clear poly sheets. Accompanied by our paper window boxes, these make a great package for coasters, stationery, photos, and more. While our clear poly sheets work as a window for these boxes, they are also the perfect shape to fit between sheeting inside the box. If you're packaging coasters and don't want there to be any damage from them scraping together, then our poly sheets can help keep them separated and safe.

Our crystal clear poly sheets are made with archival quality acid free materials, ensuring that no chemical harm will come to your products as well. The PETG plastic used for these sheets measures 10 mil thick and resistant to scratches and tears. They come in a wide variety of sizes allowing you to safely organize anything from wedding invitations to vintage comic books. All clear poly sheets are available at wholesale prices and sold in packs of 25 sheets per order.

  • High Crystal Clarity
  • 10 Mil thickness
  • Food Safe Material
  • Ideal for use with open window boxes and between items
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