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Upcoming ClearBags Changes this April: A new system to improve our customer experience

Beginning April 2, 2018, ClearBags will be moving to a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which is a fancy name for the system that takes orders and stores all product, order, and customer information.

We are doing this to stay relevant with the ever changing technology in the world and because it will greatly benefit you, our customers. I will go into those benefits below, but first, please note we plan to be closed on Friday, March 30 to push this upgrade live. Also, as with any major system upgrade we hope there are no hiccups, but if there are, we want to apologize in advance for any delays or frustrations you may have while we work out any kinks.

Now on to what this upgrade will mean for our customers. As with any ERP system, the main benefit is productivity. There are a host of benefits that will help with productivity, but here are just a few that pertain to you:

  • Better customer service - Customer service agents will be able to more quickly access customer information, have better access to communications with customers, and integrated case management system, resulting in a faster ordering process and reduced errors.

  • Faster fulfillment - As we continue to grow, our fulfillment systems and processes get more complex. These upgrades will help us further streamline the fulfillment process, ultimately leading to faster fulfillment for our customers.

  • Increased security - We have always taken great measures to ensure the security of our customers data. This new system is backed by Oracle Cloud Security and will provide even more protection for our customers' data. It will open to door for us to provide a host of other, smaller benefits such as level 3 credit card processing.

Ultimately, these efficiencies mean we save money that we will then pass to our customers in the form of even better wholesale pricing.

One immediate change is that we will be moving to paperless invoicing. Unless requested, a copy of your invoice will be emailed to you in the form of a PDF and no longer included in your order.

In a nutshell, there are many benefits coming your way as we continue to improve and modernize our systems. Again, we apologize for any delays that may occur as we roll our this new system. While we are confident in the success of this upgrade, if you want to be sure your orders are fulfilled before we go live on our new system, please place orders on or before Thursday, March 29.

Thank you for being a ClearBags customer. Our goal is to provide you with the right packaging products and an easy packaging experience, which we believe is made possible by this system upgrade.


Dave Pavao
President of ClearBags

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