Slip-In Mats

Slip-In Mats | No Tape Needed, Easy To Slide In Prints

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ClearBags Exclusive Slip-In Mats have been designed to bring high-quality presentation mats at an affordable price to the market. These mats are made with Crescent 4-ply mat board and feature the opening at the top. A thumb notch design allows prints to be loaded and unloaded with ease. Available in 2 stock sizes in either white or black. All Slip-In Mats are acid-free and feature a white core.

  • Easily slide in photos
  • Made from Crescent 4-ply mat board
  • 45 degree bevel-cut opening
  • Buffered, pH neutral (Acid Free)
  • Available in White or Black
  • White Core
  • Fit Standard Frames
  • No tape or glue needed
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